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Of the 120 colleagues that work for our business more than two thirds are dedicated to quality assurance and quality control.  We take quality seriously!

Each of our sourcing offices has a Quality Manager at its heart – the QM works alongside their QA (Quality Assurance) to ensure the designs and products that we are going to make are utilising the most appropriate materials and techniques. Once we have established the best way to go, our teams then work with the selected factory to ensure all of the social and ethical requirements are met. We conduct our own audits to ensure things such as workforce safety, sustainable timber sourcing and environmental impacts are all strictly adhered to.

We continue to oversee the materials and make constant checks during manufacturing to ensure we pick up on any potential issues before they happen!
Our team of QCs (Quality Controllers) then inspect every shipment that leaves our factories.

In order to make sure that the goods arrive with you in the best condition possible we also have a team working on the right packaging for the right product and to make sure all of the assembly instructions and labels are clear and obvious to make your life easier when the goods finally arrive home!

We could have a website all about quality alone...but maybe it’s time to look at the products!